BBQ Beef Brisket Cooking Tips!

There is nothing as delicious as a BBQ brisket. The smoky flavor and tender texture is second to none. If you’ve never grilled a brisket before, you may want to find out a few BBQ tips that will help your brisket turn out as tender as possible.

If you have not seen a brisket before, you will notice that is one seriously tough piece of meat that is full of fat and connective tissue. It was considered a suitable food for the animals or it was boiled until it was edible. When open pit cooking became popular, someone had the bright idea to try cooking a brisket on a closed pit over low heat, and the BBQ brisket was born.

By following these handy tips, you will be able to make a tender and mouthwatering brisket of your own. The brisket offers great beefy flavor without needing a lot of seasoning. It is certainly well worth investing a little time so that you can learn how to cook it properly.

BBQ Tip 1

Pick out a good brisket. You want one that is somewhat flexible rather than stiff. A flexible brisket will be tenderer than a stiff one. There should be a lot of fat on one side. Trim off some, but not all of the fat. You want the fat to melt during cooking to keep your brisket moist.

BBQ Tip 2

Start your fire ahead of time. Plan to add at least half an hour to get the coals just right before you put your brisket in to cook. If you are using a smoker, you may want to use ten or more pounds of charcoal. Don’t use charcoal starter fluid; it will make your brisket taste like starter fluid. Place damp wood chips or chunks on the fire as you cook to add smoke to your cooking. Good choices for wood chips or chunks include hickory, mesquite, cherry wood and oak. Each imparts its own special flavor to the meat.

BBQ Tip 3

Place your brisket fat side up in an aluminum pan so you won’t lose the drippings. Allow the brisket to cook gently for several hours. Use a mop sauce every now and again to keep the top moist and tasty. After around four hours or so, wrap the brisket up in a double layer of foil and continue cooking

BBQ Tip 4

Make sure your thermometer is accurate. There is nothing worse than overcooking your brisket because the heat was too high. You end up with a tough, dried up piece of meat, not the delicious, mouth-watering meal you’ve been anticipating for so long. You can test it by removing it from your grill and matching the temperature with a second thermometer or by testing it in ice water.

BBQ Tip 5

The most important thing at the end of cooking is to allow the the brisket rest. When it is finally done, the beef needs to settle properly so it can take in all those flavorsome juices. If it doesn’t get this time, every slice you cut will make the juices run out on the plate instead of staying in the meat where it belongs. Leave it for an hour or so and you will get the best results, the longer the better.

By following these BBQ beef brisket cooking tips you will discover that your brisket turns out just perfect every time.

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