BBQ Pulled Pork!

A favorite of many people is a good pulled BBQ pork sandwich. To begin with of course you have to have a pork shoulder or a pork butt as some would call them. All or at least most grocery stores have them available all the time. So there should not be any problem finding one that you like. Sometimes it depends how many are eating with you.

Or you could cook enough to freeze some of it for another time, some people have around a Microwave in these little stands that moves, like the one I got from DesignsAuthority, so you can unfreeze your pork anywhere. To start and once you have picked your choice of cut, it’s best to choose the Bone in  which simply means you will pick one with the bone left in the meat .I have not cooked any BBQ pork shoulder that has had the bone out. Always bone in. and there has been only a few that I have cooked where I injected anything like a juice or season blend into them.

Many that compete as well as those that don’t sometimes  inject them with something to enhance a flavor they are striving for .Some will inject a hot blend . Some maybe a sweeter  blend. It is purely a choice of what you like .If you are competing, remember that you are also cooking to impress the judges for a higher score in a contest that you have entered. Everyone who competes cooks in hope of being the champion that day and taking home the prize money and or prizes.

So if you are looking to inject your BBQ pork shoulder with whatever flavor the injection needles and syringes are not hard to find. Your local grocer will usually have them.I have not any problem finding one when I went to get one. And chances are the grocery store will be cheaper than most places that specialize in grilling and smoking. The grocery store is where I would first look .

When injecting  pierce the meat in more than one place so you can spread the extra flavor all through the finished product. Most BBQ pork shoulder will have plenty of fat in them that will render down and not dry out. So the injection is really just a matter of preference, but can result in some really different and maybe put you ahead in a competition. One that just might bring you home the prize money !

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