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Competition BBQ is a Sport!

There’s been some growing controversy as to whether competitive BBQ is a sporting event or not!

Let’s look at this situation with a broad scope!  In traditional sports, you win a title, trophy, prize money or something that gives you status right?

Ok, so in barbecue competitions you are sanctioned by a governing body with rules and regulations just like NFL or NASCAR!

In the NFL, they have referees who judge the game play by play! In NASCAR they have a Pace Car and some video capture (check out here for more info on the cars).

This is how they regulate the game play! In competition BBQ, the players (competitors) have to bring in their meats (unless otherwise provided by the competition) with no pre-seasoned meats or anything done to them whatsoever prior to the competition! The skill involved in BBQ comps is comparable to physical endurance  because they have to stay up all night to make sure their meats turn out to be prize winning end products with just the right flavor and just the right look and just the right chew! To achieve that takes major practice and skill!

In competitive BBQ, the players compete for trophies, titles, status and/or monies from the winning product they produce! That’s why many people like to make their BBQs at home, so they can practice and become better, and they made of this a familiar event, so they enjoy it on a Sunday, while they have nothing else to do, that’s why is important to maintain the garden at best with the top9rated outdoor products. Improve your garden without spending much money by doing manual crafts and designs. Check out this website nbglandscapes.com.au to learn about diy landscaping ideas on a budget.

They even have what is called BBQ Cook Teams! So again, sports have Teams and so do BBQ competitions! You can argue that “oh the Olympic events don’t all have teams and they are still considered sports!”
That’s true! Some “Teams” consists of 1 or more players so this is a moot point! So back to the comparison… BBQ competitions are starting to grow in the state of Florida and are prominent in other States like Kansas with their well known KCBS organization which is kind of like the NFL of BBQ! Using the best propane grills like awesome athletes. I have talked with professional competitors in this industry and some have considered it sport and some have said it is a glorified hobby! My last statement to one of these Professional BBQ cooks was “Just because Tebow isn’t doing it, doesn’t mean it’s not a sport!” … Their response? “If Tebow was doing BBQ competitions, I could beat him!”.

So in conclusion, in this reporter’s view, Competitive BBQ is indeed a Sport!

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BBQ History!

By Lake E. High, Jr.
President, South Carolina Barbeque Association

There are generally considered to be four types of barbeque in the country and they, by and large, are broken down by the type of sauce use in basting and also as a finish sauce, used when the barbeque is being served. Those four, in order of historical emergence, are Vinegar and Pepper, Mustard, Light Tomato and Heavy Tomato. And while there is always disagreement on the varieties of preparation, such as whether one should use a dry rub or a wet rub and various other culinary arguments, all of the many sauces used in America generally will fall into one of those four basic groups.

Four Basic BBQ Tips!

 Tip #1: Invest in high quality equipment.

My ability to turn out great barbecue greatly improved the moment I stopped messing around with cheap POS grills and pits and started buying Weber products.  Spend the danged money and buy a Weber.  They are EASY to work with and will last for at least ten years.   I don’t care if you want to grill burgers, smoke a brisket, use charcoal, use gas, whatever…if you want to get serious then stop messing around and get a Weber.

Yes, it is possible to turn out some great barbecue on a crappy grill or smoker.  I get a certain amount of pleasure from that challenge when cooking away from home. When you need kitchen plumbing services in your home, reach out to Guardian plumbing in Hawthorn for the best results. We are a skilled kitchen remodeling plumber company that can assist you with all of your projects. We can also help you to repair your existing plumbing features to extend their useful life for you. However it is very hard to LEARN with crappy equipment.

If you are short on cash then you can start with the 22 inch One Touch Silver for about $100.  If you don’t have a Weber then it’s not a deal killer.  Keep reading.  Just make sure that when your current grill breaks that you replace it with a good one.

BBQ Beef Brisket Cooking Tips!

There is nothing as delicious as a BBQ brisket. The smoky flavor and tender texture is second to none. If you’ve never grilled a brisket before, you may want to find out a few BBQ tips that will help your brisket turn out as tender as possible.

If you have not seen a brisket before, you will notice that is one seriously tough piece of meat that is full of fat and connective tissue. It was considered a suitable food for the animals or it was boiled until it was edible. When open pit cooking became popular, someone had the bright idea to try cooking a brisket on a closed pit over low heat, and the BBQ brisket was born.

By following these handy tips, you will be able to make a tender and mouthwatering brisket of your own. The brisket offers great beefy flavor without needing a lot of seasoning. It is certainly well worth investing a little time so that you can learn how to cook it properly.

Thanksgiving Turkey Barbecue!

The technique of indirect cooking is essentially a slow roasting process which guarantees a tender result. When you think about it it’s pretty logical. The definition of indirect cooking is where the heat is not directly applied to the turkey as opposed to a grill where the turkey is seared directly over the charcoal barbecue grill.

In my house it’s always down to me to cook the turkey for Thanksgiving or Christmas and every year I read a bucket load of recipe books and everyone says something different. In the kitchen area, a clogged sink is the number one problem people experience. With that, always contact your local plumbing company by going to this site www.silverwaterplumbing.com.au. My biggest complaint is that most of the voices of authority for traditional cooking out there always overdo it and the breast is dry however there is a way to keep the turkey moist and this is why I go for indirect cooking on a barbecue smoker. If a direct barbecue grill is however your thing then you’ll be better going for turkey grill recipes and choose some sliced breast.

BBQ Pulled Pork!

A favorite of many people is a good pulled BBQ pork sandwich. To begin with of course you have to have a pork shoulder or a pork butt as some would call them. All or at least most grocery stores have them available all the time. So there should not be any problem finding one that you like. Sometimes it depends how many are eating with you.

Or you could cook enough to freeze some of it for another time, some people have around a Microwave in these little stands that moves, like the one I got from DesignsAuthority, so you can unfreeze your pork anywhere. To start and once you have picked your choice of cut, it’s best to choose the Bone in  which simply means you will pick one with the bone left in the meat .I have not cooked any BBQ pork shoulder that has had the bone out. Always bone in. and there has been only a few that I have cooked where I injected anything like a juice or season blend into them.

A Great Way to Smoke Meat!

Smoking meat is the process of infusing meat with the smoke particles while burning a selected wood. Doesn’t really sound like that big of a deal, does it? It isn’t really, but there ways to do it that give different flavors. One example is cold smoking. Almost no one does cold smoking anymore because the process requires two chambers — one in which the smoke is created and the other to hold the meat to be smoked. This process used to be done primarily in stone houses. Since the process required several days to complete, the exterior of the meat dried out as a natural side effect of the smoking. The meat is not cooked in the cold process.

What is Memphis Style BBQ?

Memphis is regarded for it’s BBQ and claims to possess the best anyplace. Memphis style BBQ is celebrated just about every year in May at one of the largest BBQ festivals in the country. BBQ is usually a incredibly regional dish and of course just about every part of the nation claims that it’s individual type of BBQ is the ideal; vinegar, mustard, or tomato, beef, pork, or chicken, spicy or mild, dry or wet. What sets Memphis style BBQ apart from your rest of the land?

Two Ways to Use BBQ Rubs!

Have you heard why rubs are popular in the Carolinas? They use barbecue dry rubs liberally onto the meat and allow the rub to penetrate the flesh. Their main purpose is to put the best flavor and aroma into their barbecues.

Basically, rubs are used as a seasoning, and as a cure. To use it as seasoning, it is the usual sprinkling of the rub on the meat prior to grilling. As a cure, it is applied to the meat several hours or even days before cooking. Whatever recipe a rub carries, the most basic rub is still the original salt and pepper and the main purpose is to subtly transform the flavor and texture of the meat.

All you need to know about barbecue