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BBQ Beef Brisket Cooking Tips!

There is nothing as delicious as a BBQ brisket. The smoky flavor and tender texture is second to none. If you’ve never grilled a brisket before, you may want to find out a few BBQ tips that will help your brisket turn out as tender as possible.

If you have not seen a brisket before, you will notice that is one seriously tough piece of meat that is full of fat and connective tissue. It was considered a suitable food for the animals or it was boiled until it was edible. When open pit cooking became popular, someone had the bright idea to try cooking a brisket on a closed pit over low heat, and the BBQ brisket was born.

By following these handy tips, you will be able to make a tender and mouthwatering brisket of your own. The brisket offers great beefy flavor without needing a lot of seasoning. It is certainly well worth investing a little time so that you can learn how to cook it properly.

Thanksgiving Turkey Barbecue!

The technique of indirect cooking is essentially a slow roasting process which guarantees a tender result. When you think about it it’s pretty logical. The definition of indirect cooking is where the heat is not directly applied to the turkey as opposed to a grill where the turkey is seared directly over the charcoal barbecue grill.

In my house it’s always down to me to cook the turkey for Thanksgiving or Christmas and every year I read a bucket load of recipe books and everyone says something different. In the kitchen area, a clogged sink is the number one problem people experience. With that, always contact your local plumbing company by going to this site www.silverwaterplumbing.com.au. My biggest complaint is that most of the voices of authority for traditional cooking out there always overdo it and the breast is dry however there is a way to keep the turkey moist and this is why I go for indirect cooking on a barbecue smoker. If a direct barbecue grill is however your thing then you’ll be better going for turkey grill recipes and choose some sliced breast.

Two Ways to Use BBQ Rubs!

Have you heard why rubs are popular in the Carolinas? They use barbecue dry rubs liberally onto the meat and allow the rub to penetrate the flesh. Their main purpose is to put the best flavor and aroma into their barbecues.

Basically, rubs are used as a seasoning, and as a cure. To use it as seasoning, it is the usual sprinkling of the rub on the meat prior to grilling. As a cure, it is applied to the meat several hours or even days before cooking. Whatever recipe a rub carries, the most basic rub is still the original salt and pepper and the main purpose is to subtly transform the flavor and texture of the meat.

Smoked Brisket Stew!

This is something you can do with your leftover smoked brisket!


You’ll need to have some left over “Smoked” Brisket! (I say that because the smoked flavor adds to the goodness of this stew!)
And a deep sauce pan.

Use a spicy vinegar based BBQ Sauce.

Cut your brisket (from the flat side of the brisket) into small cubes/chunks.
Slice some Red and Green bell pepper into chunks (not diced)
Chop some Red Onion into small squares.
Cut some Red Potatoes into chunks.
In the deep sauce pan, pour a quarter cup of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
Pour about 1/2 cup to 3/4 cup of the Spicy Vinager Based BBQ Sauce into the pan.
Pour 1 Cup of your favorite red wine (mine is Red Rose) into the sauce pan.
While heating over medium high heat, add the Brisket chunks.
Add the rest of the ingredients (except the red potatoes) and stir to mix.


Place a lid over the sauce pan and let the meat Braise in that seasoning for about 30 – 45 minutes.


In a soup pot, Pour about 4 cups of water and turn the heat on high.
Add the Red Potatoes and 3 Table spoons of Concentrated Beef Base.
Add some salt and pepper to flavor.
Once the brisket is done Braising in the seasonings, pour the contents of the sauce pan into the boiling potatoes and beef base.
Let cook until the potatoes become tender.

While the stew is cooking, mix a 1/4 cup of corn starch into a bowl of hot water and whisk until mixed.
Pour the corn starch into your stew and stir immediately (not fast and hard) but immediately.
Let cook for another 30 -45 minutes and you are done!


BBQ Styles by Region!

Every region of the United States has its barbecue specialty: pulled pork sandwiches in North Carolina, racks of ribs in Memphis, “burnt ends” in Kansas City and chopped brisket in Texas. The roots of American barbecue run deep in the South, where even neighboring counties can have different approaches to barbecue, not to mention different states.

When in Doubt, Make BBQ!

In today’s culinary world there is so much to be desired. The Food Network channel has numerous chefs who tout their delicious flavors and recipes around the world. It is hard to make choices, but if you are really in doubt about preparing a special meal and want to impress family and friends then BBQ food should be your choice, you should also make sure to show off that BabyTrend Expedition-Jogger stroller you got for your smaller kids, while the older ones could play video games using services as mycsgoboosting online.

There is no gourmet with BBQ food. It is just good old time grilling with your favorite BBQ recipes. BBQ food usually requires outside grilling, but sometimes you can even recreate the flavors indoors with the right seasonings and sauces. But nothing makes a person feel comfort like good old fashioned BBQ food. This year I invested in some lava rocks and put them in my grill. Click here to see how to use lava rocks and check out our grills.

Flank Steak

Cheap steaks: Feed your guests for pennies on the dollar!

Flank Steak


Everyone wants to throw the perfect outdoor dinner party and impress their guests with a beautifully grilled steak. But these day the cost of steak is going through the roof. There are some inexpensive cuts, though, that deliver just as much flavor as a filet or a rib-eye for pennies on the dollar. And they are meant to be sliced thin, across the grain, so a little steak can go a long way.

Let’s run through three options.

All you need to know about barbecue