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1st Annual Mack Daddy BBQ Cook-Off Challenge!

Saturday January 25th, Mack Daddy Smokers hosted their first BBQ Cook Off Challenge in Middleburg, Florida!

The proceeds from the event went to a great charity called the Walk of Hope! Mack Daddy Smokers did a great job at organizing and planning the event, to be realized in a park with a great garden with space for everyone.

The cook-off is geared towards those that have never competed before and is interested in getting in on the competition circuit. There were 20 teams out there that day and I must say the competition was stiff!

A team called Blind Pig took Grand Champion and Hopping Hogs took Reserve Grand Champion! The meat that was being judged was chicken so it wasn’t an easy category!

And the prices was all good too, but you have to be a really good cook for it, because if you win you could even get one of the 10 Best Toasters & Toaster Reviews in 2017.

All in all it was an amazing experience!

A Great Way to Smoke Meat!

Smoking meat is the process of infusing meat with the smoke particles while burning a selected wood. Doesn’t really sound like that big of a deal, does it? It isn’t really, but there ways to do it that give different flavors. One example is cold smoking. Almost no one does cold smoking anymore because the process requires two chambers — one in which the smoke is created and the other to hold the meat to be smoked. This process used to be done primarily in stone houses. Since the process required several days to complete, the exterior of the meat dried out as a natural side effect of the smoking. The meat is not cooked in the cold process.

When in Doubt, Make BBQ!

In today’s culinary world there is so much to be desired. The Food Network channel has numerous chefs who tout their delicious flavors and recipes around the world. It is hard to make choices, but if you are really in doubt about preparing a special meal and want to impress family and friends then BBQ food should be your choice, you should also make sure to show off that BabyTrend Expedition-Jogger stroller you got for your smaller kids, while the older ones could play video games using services as mycsgoboosting online.

There is no gourmet with BBQ food. It is just good old time grilling with your favorite BBQ recipes. BBQ food usually requires outside grilling, but sometimes you can even recreate the flavors indoors with the right seasonings and sauces. But nothing makes a person feel comfort like good old fashioned BBQ food. This year I invested in some lava rocks and put them in my grill. Click here to see how to use lava rocks and check out our grills.

Learn How To Use A Smoker And How To Smoke Meat Like The Professionals!

Smoker grills are to the serious backyard barbecue enthusiast what power tools are to Tim “The Tool man” Taylor. Your backyard barbecues will become the talk of the neighborhood once you learn how to smoke meat the right way. Your hickory smoked chicken or mesquite smoked steaks will be not only in everyone’s satisfied stomachs, but on everyone’s lips come Monday morning at the water cooler. Forget the standard steaks, hot dogs, hamburgers and chicken on the grill top. Put smoked salmon on the menu and look out. We are talking about taking how to smoke meat to a whole new level.

If you can, get a combination grill, one that will let you grill your food the boring, traditional way, and give you the choice to smoke your food too. Traditional means grilling your meat over an open flame, using charcoal or a gas fire. But if you are going to learn how to use a smoker, you are going to have to heat up the fire box, put on your favorite wood — hickory, oak, cherry, mesquite, to name a few — and get to it.

Water Smokers – Your Guide To Water Bbq Smokers!

Charcoal Water Smokers

Charcoal water smokers require more knowledge and attention to use than a gas or electric unit. However, charcoal aficionados almost always insist that the flavor of charcoal units are second to none.

On the plus side they are less expensive and are the ultimate in portability, no burners, bottles, or electrical cords to worry about. Taking safety into account there is really no place a charcoal unit cannot be used.

The most important thing that you must learn how to master first of all is temperature control. Without that, cooking any food in the smoker will be a chore, so that is the first stop.

Following that, you will also need to pay close attention to the manufacturers guidelines, and work out the most effective way to get the charcoal to burn. Too much can mean too much heat, resulting in burnt food, and too little fuel will result in low temperatures and shortened cooking times.

New users of BBQ smokers will also have to observe the effects of outdoor temperature, and how to safely ignite the coal. The quickest and most efficient way of starting a charcoal smoker is to use a chimney-style starter such as those made by Weber or Char Broil.

Consider what type of vertical water smoker suits your needs. Then buy the best quality model you can afford. Quality, construction, and suitability to purpose will vary for each user.

A good quality smoker will have a big impact on your food smoking enjoyment. You may find it useful to ask experienced smoker users for recommendations, and if the opportunity is available, try out some food they have smoked and use your tastebuds to decide. If the food tastes great, then you are at least halfway there.

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