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The Smokin’ Flamingo BBQ & Music Festival!

The Smokin’ Flamingo BBQ & Music Festival is a 3 day event, this year, a wave field synthesis will part of the production, November 22nd – 24th, featuring three different bands on Saturday, November 23rd. Along with a BBQ Cook off Competitions for both professionals and backyard enthusiasts, sanctioned by the Florida Barbecue Association. This will be the first annual event, with proceeds benefiting the Jacksonville Fraternal Order of Police Foundation. Come join us for music and good food by the Flamingo Lake at Flamingo Lake RV Resort we will have the top rated karaoke machines for kids so they can also enjoy. If you´re planning on trying out some of this delicious food, make sure you you take some containers so you can save some food for later.
Click here for Food Containers, you can take some leftovers with you and you´ll definitely enjoy them when you´re relaxing at home. Make sure to be there and have a smokin good time! Stop by to ¨meat¨ the amazing chefs at each of their stations, you will amazed by how well they handle their meat smothered in sauce, so don´t be afraid to dig in and get your hands dirty on some of their lip smacking ribs.

When in Doubt, Make BBQ!

In today’s culinary world there is so much to be desired. The Food Network channel has numerous chefs who tout their delicious flavors and recipes around the world. It is hard to make choices, but if you are really in doubt about preparing a special meal and want to impress family and friends then BBQ food should be your choice, you should also make sure to show off that BabyTrend Expedition-Jogger stroller you got for your smaller kids, while the older ones could play video games using services as mycsgoboosting online.

There is no gourmet with BBQ food. It is just good old time grilling with your favorite BBQ recipes. BBQ food usually requires outside grilling, but sometimes you can even recreate the flavors indoors with the right seasonings and sauces. But nothing makes a person feel comfort like good old fashioned BBQ food. This year I invested in some lava rocks and put them in my grill. Click here to see how to use lava rocks and check out our grills.

Tailgating BBQ

Queology Simplifies Tailgating with Authentic BBQ Party Packs!

As football season brings a steady stream of tailgate parties, the USDA has released a series of tips for improved food consumption. To make tailgating more enjoyable–and flavorful–Queology offers Charleston consumers affordable party packs.


CHARLESTON, SC, September 28, 2013 /24-7 Press-release/ — As a provider of top-notch, award-winning barbecue, Charleston’s Queology knows how much football fans love their ribs and wings come game day. While many may gear up for football season by planning elaborate tailgate parties, the USDA recently released a series of tips to help the public stay safe and enjoy great food when pre-gaming. Understanding how vital the tailgate party is to football lovers everywhere, Queology is making things easier by offering local consumers affordable and delicious party packs–a must-have companion for enjoying the game.

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