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BBQ Beef Brisket Cooking Tips!

There is nothing as delicious as a BBQ brisket. The smoky flavor and tender texture is second to none. If you’ve never grilled a brisket before, you may want to find out a few BBQ tips that will help your brisket turn out as tender as possible.

If you have not seen a brisket before, you will notice that is one seriously tough piece of meat that is full of fat and connective tissue. It was considered a suitable food for the animals or it was boiled until it was edible. When open pit cooking became popular, someone had the bright idea to try cooking a brisket on a closed pit over low heat, and the BBQ brisket was born.

By following these handy tips, you will be able to make a tender and mouthwatering brisket of your own. The brisket offers great beefy flavor without needing a lot of seasoning. It is certainly well worth investing a little time so that you can learn how to cook it properly.

A Great Way to Smoke Meat!

Smoking meat is the process of infusing meat with the smoke particles while burning a selected wood. Doesn’t really sound like that big of a deal, does it? It isn’t really, but there ways to do it that give different flavors. One example is cold smoking. Almost no one does cold smoking anymore because the process requires two chambers — one in which the smoke is created and the other to hold the meat to be smoked. This process used to be done primarily in stone houses. Since the process required several days to complete, the exterior of the meat dried out as a natural side effect of the smoking. The meat is not cooked in the cold process.

Learn How To Use A Smoker And How To Smoke Meat Like The Professionals!

Smoker grills are to the serious backyard barbecue enthusiast what power tools are to Tim “The Tool man” Taylor. Your backyard barbecues will become the talk of the neighborhood once you learn how to smoke meat the right way. Your hickory smoked chicken or mesquite smoked steaks will be not only in everyone’s satisfied stomachs, but on everyone’s lips come Monday morning at the water cooler. Forget the standard steaks, hot dogs, hamburgers and chicken on the grill top. Put smoked salmon on the menu and look out. We are talking about taking how to smoke meat to a whole new level.

If you can, get a combination grill, one that will let you grill your food the boring, traditional way, and give you the choice to smoke your food too. Traditional means grilling your meat over an open flame, using charcoal or a gas fire. But if you are going to learn how to use a smoker, you are going to have to heat up the fire box, put on your favorite wood — hickory, oak, cherry, mesquite, to name a few — and get to it.

Which Wood Chips For Your BBQ Smoker?

I’ve seen many lists about wood chips and what meats best accompany them and it’s always struck me that this is approaching the problem for the wrong side. The wood chip is choosing the food and in my book it should be the food choosing the wood chip! So when you scroll down to view my list it’s written in a way that hopefully will allow you to decide on your barbecue recipes first and let the flavouring follow. To be honest, hickory takes a lot of beating (especially on ribs) but there’s an incredible variety of wood chips to choose from these days so it’s worth experimenting a little.

The idea behind smoking is that wood burns when heated but by reducing the oxygen available to the fire, the wood smokes rather than burns so by adding wood chips to your barbecue smoker, a beautiful range of flavours can be imparted to meat or fish. The best wood to use is “green wood” ie. wood that’s not fully dried out because green wood burns at a higher temperature, it makes more smoke than aged wood and it lasts a long time. When buying wood chips in a bag it’s important to soak the wood for 30 minutes to get moisture into it before popping it on the coals.
One last tip from me before the list:-

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